At Foundation Academies, we believe in:

“Highest Standards. Data-Driven. Tough Love.”

Highest Standards

We believe that we must hold ourselves to the highest standards.  So whether that’s the planning and the execution of a lesson or the details of one of our strings concerts, we set our expectations high in all facets of what we do.  Because that’s what our kids deserve!


We believe that good decision-making is rooted in data.  This is why we collect, analyze, and use data in all aspects of our organization, so that we can make decisions and adjustments that work best for our students.

Tough Love

Make no mistake – LOVE is the key word here. We believe that showing students we love them isn’t just about giving them rewards.  (But we do lots of that too!!)  And it isn’t about giving them the easy path to an “A”. We believe that success in life takes self-discipline and there are consequences for poor choices and mistakes. Part of the education process is learning from those mistakes and we are there to guide students along their journey.

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