Will you raise your hand to help charter schools?

Will you raise your hand to help charter schools?
The NJ Department of Education has launched a Charter School Review. There are two actions we ask you take:
1- Go here and fill in this brief survey.
2. Plan to attend the Trenton Community Focus Group this THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 5:00-7:00 pm NJDOE, 100 Riverview Plaza, 1st Floor.
We need your voice, your participation. No one can speak to the value of the charter school like parents of our children. Please support your students by attending! Thank you.

Foundation Academy Middle School

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Foundation Academy Middle School:

When students enter the middle school, they are viewed no longer as developing children but as developing members of the global community. The curriculum shifts –– both in academics and character development –– to expand into areas of self-pride, exploratory learning, and developing skill sets that can be applied to their future careers and interests. We focus on celebrating our backgrounds and the differences between us, as well as increasing the rigor of lessons to model what will be expected of them in high school. In grades six through eight, students are given outlets to express their creativity and emotions while still being held to the highest of academic standards.

To learn more about how we approach teaching at all levels, click here.

363 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08618

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