Hello! We're Foundation Academies

Foundation Academies began more than 15 years ago as a small middle school in a borrowed building. But like our scholars, we have grown.

Today, we serve more than 1,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

And we make a promise to each of them.


Watch our History in the Making video to learn about Foundation Academies.

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Our Mission

To ensure that all of our students secure the academic knowledge and skills to prepare them for the nation's finest colleges, and to instill in them the core values of caring, respect, responsibility, and honesty.

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Our Promise

We promise to equip our scholars to excel in learning and empower them to lead purpose filled lives.

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Our Vision

For our Scholars, our Families, our Staff and our Community

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Our Scholars

Every day, FA scholars are excited about learning, are affirmed in their individuality, and encouraged to develop crtical thinking skills through an intellectually challenging curriculum. Scholars hold themselves and their peers to high standards and are engaged, socially responsible members of the Trenton community.

Our Families

Families are active and engaged partners in sustaining a supportive school community that bolsters academic and social-emotional growth, while also developing resilience to face future challenges. 

Class of 2032 – second grade moving up celebration
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Our Staff

Our staff are passionate about learning, and focused on equipping and empowering our scholars. We are constantly learning from one another. We practice gratitude and we model our best selves so our scholars can become the best version of themselves.

To learn more about working here, visit our careers webpage.

Our Community

Too often, our community is underestimated. Too many overlook the talents, ambition and purpose of students in urban communities such as Trenton. But not here. We see our children and their value. We create an environment that enables each of our scholars to lean into who they have been created to be. As a result, 100% of our graduates are able to choose their own “best-match” academic or career path.

Our vision for results
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Our Core Beliefs

Foundation Academies condemns racism, discrimination and injustice. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure our mission, goals and practices are anti-racist, and that our words and actions live up to our greatest ideals.

We believe in serving the whole child, nurturing core values, setting rigorous expectations, and supporting social-emotional wellness. Preparing students for life beyond high school means sustaining relationships with scholars long after they graduate to ensure a purposeful future.

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We believe every individual is born uniquely powerful, already possessing skills and gifts to live their purpose. It is our responsibility to assist in honing the use of those skills and gifts by providing guidance and opportunities to learn.


We engage every scholar in the collective use of their skills, gifts, and acquired knowledge. We encourage them by affirming that they have purpose and are equipped to lead in that purpose.


Purpose is where our school’s distinctive gifts intersect with the needs of Trenton, NJ and the world. We model our values of evolving, learning, and excellence to make positive change in our community.