Career Development

At Foundation, opportunities abound to grow and develop. Whether you are support staff, a teacher, or a leader, we provide consistent development so you can grow into whatever role you dream to achieve.

Teachers & Support Staff

Every week and month, there is a variety of development opportunities for teachers. First-year Foundation teachers have access to the Learning Teacher Academy, a program designed to give new teachers the tools to become an effective classroom manager, planner, and data-driven instructor.

Each week, all teachers participate in “O3s” with their supervisor. This one-on-one meeting between staff member and supervisor is considered “sacred time.” This is a time to debrief with your coach while also reviewing your individual goals and steps to achieve them.

We also have quarterly “Data Days,” which provide our teachers and leaders with extensive data about student growth and achievement throughout the course of the school year. Teachers collaborate across campuses to analyze student benchmarks and prepare action plans to target misunderstandings and reteach concepts with a new approach. This is also a time we recognize and celebrate our teammates across the organization for major contributions and milestones they’ve made within our school community.

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Leader of Student Culture

Commonly referred to as an “LSC,” the leader of student culture is responsible for promoting positive, safe learning environments and building student and staff morale and behavior intervention systems. The LSC handles day-to-day student concerns, while helping to develop and implement events and programs that build student character and positive behavioral responses and strategies.

Team Leader

This role allows for teachers to remain in the classroom to do what they love -- teach -- while supporting and developing others. Team Leaders teach full-time while supervising two or three other teachers. They oftentimes lead content teams and help individuals develop in their crafts.


Instructional Dean

Our instructional deans take on a heightened supervisory role, teaching part-time and supervising a team of six to 10 teachers. Our deans are often aspiring principals and take on more of the nuances of staff development, data-driven practices, and school-wide events and initiatives.

Principal in Residence

Leading a school requires preparation and development; that’s why we’ve created the Principal-in-Residence. This unique position provides hands-on coaching and development that begins in the role of instructional dean with a trajectory that leads to opening a new school or leading an existing campus.

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Our principals receive monthly, internal professional development in areas of change management, self-care, recruitment, and building the capacity of others. The senior leadership team, comprising principals and the Chief Academic and Executive Officers, also engage in monthly “walk-throughs” of each campus to glean insight on best practices and shared coaching needs throughout the organization. The senior leaders also participate in two off-site leadership retreats each year.

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