Our Staff Promise

We are committed to supporting and helping you to achieve your vision of success

Every week and month, there are a variety of development opportunities for Foundation Academies staff.

The photo shows primary school students eagerly answering the teacher's question.

Examples of the many professional development opportunities we offer

Weekly one-on-one coaching

Weekly One-on-One Coaching

Each week, all staff participate in one-on-one meetings, more commonly referred to as “O3s” with their supervisor. These meetings between staff members and supervisors are considered “sacred time.” This is a time to debrief with your coach while also reviewing your individual goals and steps to achieve them.

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Data-Driven Collaboration

We also have quarterly “Data Days,” which provide our teachers and leaders with extensive data about student growth and achievement throughout the course of the school year. Teachers collaborate across campuses to analyze student benchmarks and prepare action plans to target misunderstandings and reteach concepts with a new approach. This is also a time where we recognize and celebrate our teammates across the organization for major contributions and milestones they’ve made within our school community.