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Academic Support Team

These are the “behind-the-scenes” staff members who work across support teams to ensure teachers can do what they do best - teach! It’s an “all hands on deck” atmosphere that lends to our support staffers loving their jobs and frequently seeing their impact on our school community.

College & Career Advisors

We not only get our students to college, but we encourage and support them through college as well. Our college and career advisors serve as mentors for our alumni as they navigate their way to their next milestone: college graduation.


Good people know how to find good people. Our recruitment team does just that: seek out quality candidates who can join our team to continue impacting students’ lives and find a sense of FAmily in our school culture.


Our operations team keeps systems and procedures in check so the entire school organization can run as one cohesive unit. This team is essential to both our day-to-day success and our long-term sustainability and achievement.


When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. Our facilities team is the crew that keeps our school communities clean, safe, and reliable spaces that promote student pride and achievement.


We believe that what we do works so well, everyone should know about it! Our communications team not only spreads the news about the great work that we do each day, but they also help draw in support from outside donors and organizations. With this team work, we see our dream work.


Our data team helps our organization thrive. We believe the best way to educate children is to truly know them, and to know where they are academically, we have to continually collect, analyze, and apply data in a way that promotes student growth. No matter what team you’re on at Foundation, data is a part of everything we do because the more we know, the more we’re able to accomplish.


How can maximize our successes to promote future growth and achievement? Our development team asks that question in order to determine how we continue to develop as an organization that continues to impact lives.


Every dollar and cent is recorded and well spent. Our Finance Team is a diligent group of individuals who ensure that every financial action is done by the book, and done with purpose. From our budget to payroll, benefits to fundraising, our Finance Team continues to receive a perfect audit from the State Department of Education.

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Is your calling to impact lives? We’re looking for quality individuals who want to bring their unique skill sets to a school setting to achieve a greater purpose: getting kids to college.

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