Why Teach at FA?

Because Opportunities
This Good
Only Come Along Once

Why Teach at FA?

Teaching is a team sport. At Foundation Academies, you get a coach.

FA is a learning community that develops and nurtures our scholars and our staff.

We work as a team to equip our scholars K-12 to excel in learning and empower them to achieve their goals.

We are passionate, lifelong learners. We support, and trust, each other.

Surrounded by motivated, energetic colleagues who are happy to be in the building, you will be a classroom MPV.

Because Foundation Academies can offer you SOMETHING MORE.


As Trenton, New Jersey’s only K-12 free public charter school, we:

  • Value growth mindsets
  • Want our students to understand that learning never ends
  • Develop our students as well as our educators and staff
  • Focus on reflecting, learning, and challenging each other to be better

To Cultivate Your Craft as a Lifelong Educator, Foundation Academies Offers You:

  • Weekly one-on-one supervisor coaching to support your career goals
  • Regular professional development
  • A warm welcome to our supportive “FAmily” staff culture, united in our values and mission
  • Autonomy and accountability: use your expertise and make your classroom your own
  • Recognition for growth and celebration of your successes
  • A place where your voice is heard. Feedback is welcomed at any time, and everyone gets an equal opportunity to give, receive, and implement staff feedback.
  • A competitive starting salary and comprehensive benefits package, to help you be your best self in and out of the classroom.

If you see teaching not only as your job, but as a fundamental piece of
who you ARE,
we encourage you to apply now!

Trenton is our home and it is where we plan to stay.

As one of the oldest public charter schools in Trenton, we are committed to making a lasting impact. 

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