Celebrating Our FAmily Members’ Commitment to Excellence!

Principal Angela Joyner, FA Middle, announces the 5 and 10-year award winners at All-Staff Orientation. 

At our All-Staff orientation held earlier this month, we recognized and celebrated a number of our FAmily members and their long-term commitment to our mission, vision, and organization as a whole. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals as they celebrate these important milestones!

Five Years of Excellence Award

Natasia Cooper
Natasia Cooper, Principal, FA Primary
Eric Bullock
Eric Bullock, Leader of Student Culture, FA Primary
Kathleen Griffo
Kathleen Griffo, Teacher, FA Primary
Olabisi Okoya
Olabisi Okoya, Teacher, FA Primary
Iris Medina,
Iris Medina, Custodian, FA Home Office
Devin Fergusson
Devin Fergusson, Teacher, FA Middle
Rachael Binz
Rachael Binz, Administrative Assistant/Special Projects, FA Home Office

Ten Years of Making a Difference Award

Alice Lubrano-Weiss
Alice Lubrano-Weiss, Teacher, FA Primary
Isabel Goss
Isabel Goss, Leader of Student Culture, FA Middle
Jacqueline Martinez
Jacqueline Martinez, Senior Operations Associate, FA Home Office

If you’re looking to make a positive impact on the students in the Trenton community,
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Michelle Lawlor

Michelle Lawlor, Marketing and Communications Associate, spearheads Foundation Academies’ marketing and communication efforts. Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Multimedia Communications from Rider University.