Creating, Sustaining, and Enjoying: Community Week

Foundation Academies faculty and staff gathered recently to celebrate our community and collaborate on our shared vision for the school year. 

The gathering, hosted by Chief Talent Officer Shanesia Davis and Chief Academic Officer Natasia Cooper, wrapped up a week all about creating, sustaining and enjoying community. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Timothy Knight, an expert on intercultural development and communities.

At FA, we start building community by sharing our WHY – a statement reflecting our purpose in life. We know your WHY matters because it’s the reason you get up on a cold dark morning. Your WHY stops you from giving up. It’s what everyone sees– even if they can’t quite put their finger on it. Your why inspires others to live life with purpose and on purpose. 

For Community Week, we highlighted a daily theme shared in videos encouraging each staff member to make our community LAST – through love, accountability, support and trust. Staff were invited to share photos of their families, as well as photos of colleagues demonstrating each daily theme – with those who shared photos entered into a raffle for gift cards.

CEO Sheria McRae announced Community Awards to the Primary School leadership team, our athletic department, and our Collegiate MIND Club (Mental Illness Needs to be Destigmatized), which received the 2021 Youth Leadership for Service-Learning Award from the National Youth Leadership Council.

At FA, Our Promise is to equip our scholars to excel in learning and empower them to lead purpose-filled lives. That same promise applies to our staff – each member of FA is equipped and empowered to make a difference.

“Remember,” Mrs. McRae said, “You don’t need my permission to do great things.”

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