FA Eighth Grade on Path to Purpose

Congratulations to our Eighth Grade graduates – the FA Class of 2027! 

In fifth grade, scholars learn our Middle School call & response:

Who are you? 

I am a proud student of Foundation Academy Charter School

And why are you here? 

To get an education.

And WHY are you here? 

To get an education.

What are you committed to?

I am committed to excellence.

I am committed to working hard.

I am committed to fulfilling the tradition of my heritage.

I am committed to respecting myself, my parents, and the members of this school community.

What will you need?


Will you succeed?


And where are you going?

To college.

What are we?

A community.

At Foundation Academies, we promise to equip our scholars to excel in learning and empower them to lead purpose-filled lives.

Our Eighth Grade  Recommitment Ceremony celebrates scholars' achievements & their commitment to a path of purpose  through high school & beyond! 

Thank you to Corey McCoy Photography for providing this video of the ceremony!

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