Foundation Academies Board President Calls For Action Against Gun Violence

A statement from Foundation Academies Board of Trustees President Kimme Carlos in response to the May 24 gun violence killing students and teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.

“While bereaved families in Buffalo NY hold funerals for victims of that May 14 hate crime attack, our Foundation Academies community is again mourning gun violence — this time targeting school children in Texas.

Today, and always, our school leaders are focused on creating a sense of physical, emotional and social safety in our buildings.

As a wellness and equity advocate, I recognize how trauma affects our families, from generation to generation. I also understand that increased funding and expanded access to mental health services is critical to addressing violence in our Trenton communities and across the country as a whole.

However, it is long past time for us to acknowledge where we as a country have failed our citizens in not taking action.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Active shooter drills are not enough. Tighter security is not enough is not enough. Mental Health resources are not enough. Dismantling racism is not enough.

There are realistic, achievable steps we can take to improve safety in our schools, our neighborhoods and our homes. Gun laws and public policy must change and we need to commit to making that change now.

I urge you to take action today — before the tragedies at Robb Elementary School in Texas and Tops Supermarket in Buffalo both become faded headlines. Visit the Everytown for Gun Safety website and explore the tactics outlined under “Keep Communities Safe” and “Keep Guns Out of Schools.”

Join the gun safety movement. Join with Foundation Academies to build a better world. This is what our children deserve.”

Ms. Carlos, a certified health and wellness coach focused on mental health, recently shared these helpful resources.

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Mental Health Awareness and Support Resources

Racial Trauma Resources

Emotional Support Resources

Self Check-In

Steps to Self Care After Emotional Trauma

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