FA Collegiate Black Student Union Honoring Achievement and Each Other


FA Collegiate Black Student Union members celebrated Black excellence and honored each other at their 2024 Induction Ceremony.  Guests dressed in All Black as Founders, General Members, and Honorary Members received their Line Names and were inducted into the first Foundation Academy Collegiate Black Student Union( BSU) Chapter. 

BSU members share “a commitment to fostering a community where black excellence is celebrated,” said Jedidah Worrell, a BSU Executive Team member and senior who will be attending Princeton University.

“Together, let’s build a future where everyone’s voice is heard.”

BSU advisors, Student Success Team members Casey Scott and Earl Wallace hosted the ceremony, recognizing BSU officers for their individual talents, and applauding the group for its collaboration and commitment. “This group is not afraid to work,” Mr. Wallace noted.

The goal, Ms Scott said, “is for every scholar to feel loved, supported, seen and heard.”

BSU is active in our learning community, kicking off in September with “You Are Seen,” celebrating black culture, fostering inclusivity, and creating a sense of belonging. 

FAC Principal Isabel Goss applauded the event, organized by BSU Executive Team scholars, as “just sheer DOPENESS all the way around!!”

Dean of Culture Francisca DeLeon described the kick-off as “nothing short of spectacular… (it) made a significant impact on the Foundation Academy Collegiate community.”

BSU followed up by partnering with Transformation Church to host a Thanksgiving food pantry at FAC gym serving the Trenton Community.  Currently, BSU  runs an after-school Corner Store selling snacks to help finance upcoming projects and programs. 

In honor of Black History Month, the FA Collegiate Black Student Union has organized several events including an Open Mic with  music and poetry performances, a Black Trivia contest, and a Soulful Expression  celebration on Feb. 29.

“Black History has been long hidden from modern history. From life before slavery to figures of today's importance, there are many figures, events, and creations of black people that we do not know about,” noted Aundrea Grizzle, a senior and BSU Executive Team member. “These events will remind our FAC community of all the accomplishments of black people and shout out their voices.” 

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Michelle Ruess