Fifth Grade Video Projects Teach Key Skills

Fifth grade video project BTS

Making videos for Kindness Month gave David Dupree’s fifth grade class an opportunity to think deeply about how kindness manifests itself in their lives, why kindness matters and how they can model kindness and encourage others to be kind. 

Students created a plot, wrote dialogue and portrayed various roles for each video. “Kindness is forgiving” shows how an accidental collision on the playground can escalate into a conflict –or be avoided by forgiving someone’s mistake. “Don’t Bully – Spread Kindness” shows how individual kindness can put a stop to name-calling and laughter at another’s expense.

After seeing how much they enjoyed that project, teacher David Dupree was happy to accept an invitation for the class to create another video – this time, sharing their views about Foundation Academies.

Students brainstormed about what the Trenton community should know about their school. They researched FA’s history and discussed what makes FA different from other schools. Working in teams, they sifted through ideas and suggestions, working together to create scripts and directions.

Mr. Dupree played cameraman and editor as students took center stage to share “What I like about Foundation Academies” in their own style and voice.

The complex assignments helped prepare students for the move up to Middle School, Mr .Dupree said.

“They discussed an issue relevant to their lives, did research, drew conclusions, learned to appreciate other points of view, articulated their views in writing and before a live camera,” he said. “They developed confidence and are ready for sixth grade!”

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