Foundation Academies Stands with Buffalo, N.Y. against Racism and Violence

Our hearts are with the victims and families in Buffalo, NY.

Foundation Academies stands in solidarity with our students, staff, families, supporters and Trenton at large in condemning all forms of racism and violence.

We further recognize and want to acknowledge the unique collective trauma this brutal event has on our Black/African American students, families and community members.

Foundation Academies understands education is the key to rooting out ignorance and creating a more just world and we are undaunted in our mission to make that a reality.

We invite you to stand with us by learning more about how FA is fighting racism.

Thank you to FA Board of Trustees President Kimme Carlos, a certified health and wellness coach focused on mental health, for hosting conversations with staff this week and sharing the helpful resources and contact information below.

Suicide Prevention Hotline         Mental Health Awareness and Support Resources

Racial Trauma Resources           Emotional Support Resources

Self Check-In                            Steps to Self Care After Emotional Trauma

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Michelle Ruess