Foundation Primary, Intermediate, and Middle Schools Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

Latinx Heritage Month honors the vibrant histories, languages, traditions, and values that transcend borders and unite Latinx people across the Americas and Caribbean islands.

FA K-8 scholars celebrated Latinx Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) with a range of activities. Students conducted research on such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. They investigated the country’s location, climate, major cities, currency, historical figures, and cultures such as music, food, customs, and traditions. To present their findings, scholars were given the option of creating posters, pamphlets, dances, or drawings to commemorate and celebrate the unique contributions and cultures of these diverse countries. Their creations were featured at a celebration on November 5th.

Although Foundation Academies’ Latinx Heritage Month was virtual last year, this year it expanded to an in-person, drive-thru at the K-8 campus at 363 West State Street. The event showcased the students’ door decorations, posters, artwork, and more! As visitors arrived, they were welcomed by enthusiastic FA teachers and joyous music!

Each homeroom also participated in a friendly door-decorating contest that brightened our hallways. The prize for the winning homeroom was a dress-down day from the usual school dress code.

Why is celebrating Latinx Heritage Month so important to Foundation Academies? Lismarie Acevedo, K-8 social worker, explained that “FA’s vision is to create a wide range of intentional learning experiences in a joyful, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment. Our students are proud of their culture and it is important for us all to recognize and celebrate the backgrounds of our school community.”

Check out our scholars’ work below to see how they celebrated this Latinx Heritage Month!

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Destini Bell

Destini Bell is an intern on the Advancement Team. A 2021 graduate of Monmouth University,  Destini is a co-founder of Ohemaa Beauty Unlimited, a retail company that offers specialty beauty products. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting and cooking.