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Sheria McRae honored by Princeton YWCA “Tribute to Women Awards”

Members of the FA community celebrated FA CEO Sheria McRae, a 2023 YWCA Princeton Tribute to Women Award honoree on March 31. Mrs. McRae is a graduate of Howard University & Montclair State University, and a @Teach for America–New Jersey alum.

Sheria gave a rousing speech encouraging all attendees to continue their own purpose-driven work, and consider learning more about how FA is working to redefine possible in public education.

"While I am proud to be here tonight with these distinguished honorees, I will go back into our schools next week, and continue to do the work," she said. "The work that makes a difference in children’s lives." Read Sheria's full remarks:

Thank you for recognizing and celebrating my accomplishments – so far. But take note, I am not done.

As a Trentonian, I see that, all too often, societal expectations for our children remain low. The media, employers and policymakers continue to underestimate the talents, ambition and purpose of children in urban communities.

Children that look like me.

I am still striving, determined and focused, to show our children they are valued and create an environment that enables our scholars to lean into who they have been created to be.

This award celebrates efforts to promote equity, eliminate racism and empower women.

So while I am proud to be here tonight with these distinguished honorees, I will go back into our schools next week, and continue to do the work.

The work that makes a difference in children’s lives. The work that fulfills my purpose – my WHY – to sow seeds of opportunity and access so that others find their purpose.

At Foundation Academies, we know the WHY is what matters. Your why gets you up on a cold dark morning. Your why stops you from giving up. Your why is what everyone sees– even if they can’t quite put their finger on it.

Your why inspires others.

Tonight, the room is full of inspiration. I want to congratulate all the honorees. We are doing amazing work. I appreciate this honor and hope that together, we continue to build on our accomplishments. Because the work is not done.

Thank you.

Friends of Foundation Academies Welcomes Two New Board Members

Friends new board members

In March the Friends of Foundation Academies welcomed two new Board members Dr. Fitzroy Dawkins and Mr. Jorgen Hansen, each bringing their enthusiasm and unique expertise to our school community!

Strengthening Bridges to Bucks


Concordia Chamber Players invited the FA Collegiate Youth Orchestra to open their final concert of the season after partnering with FA, teaching master classes and visiting the campus. Youth Orchestra ended their Spring Break in April by opening the Concordia Chamber Players concert at Trinity Episcopal Church – Solebury with a strings rendition of the “Game of Thrones” theme song.

Performing with Concordia “is a valuable opportunity for students to act as ambassadors for our music program to a wider audience,” said Vincent Bello, Collegiate orchestra director.

Forum on Sunday, April 30 at the Church: “Justice and Equity in Education”

On Sunday April 30, Foundation Academies will again partner with Trinity Episcopal Church – Solebury, leading a forum on “Justice and Equity in Education.” The forum will be held 11 am to Noon on Sunday April 30 at the church.

The forum continues Trinity Church’s exploration of social justice issues and will follow a guest sermon by Kimme Carlos, President of FA Board of Trustees. Carlos is an ordination aspirant at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Trenton, NJ, an advocate for mental health and social justice, and president of the Foundation Academies Board of Trustees.

Yum! Amerihealth- NJ Brings Snacks and Good Cheer to FA


Shout out to AmeriHealth for donating healthy snacks to keep us energized. Thank you for taking care of us with great insurance and goodies! It was great to see Bruno Martillotti, Tracey Maloney, Roberta Salisbury and Kaitlin Bossert.

“We are so grateful for all the ways AmeriHealth shows up for FA,” said Sr Director of Advancement Kathleen Streicher. “From our 100 Man Welcome to afternoon treats, they’ve got us covered.”

The Knight Fund: Support Scholars To and Through

Knight Fund FA'21 Scholarship Winners
2021 Knight Fund Scholarship Winners

The Scholarship Committee selection process is underway for the next cohort of Friends of Foundation Academies Round Table Scholars, a program that awards 4-year scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing postgraduate studies. This year, with your support, we plan to grow the program to award five members of the Class of 2023. In addition to these scholarships, the Friends provides persistence grants and awards in support of graduates pursuing vocations and careers spanning the public interest.

We cannot use school funds to support our alumni. The Knight Fund provides scholarships, awards, and emergency support to our graduates as they continue their path to purpose.

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