Friends of Foundation Academies

Who We Are

The Friends of Foundation Academies, Inc. is a separate 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2010 to encourage community support of Foundation Academies. We support Foundation Academies by raising funds and delivering services, programs, acquisitions, and partnerships that equitably serve the best interests of our school community. 

You can make a lasting impact on Foundation Academies by making a charitable gift through the Friends.

What We Do

As a public charter school, Foundation Academies receives only approximately 70% of the per-student dollar allocation that the district schools receive. Donations to the Friends Annual Fund help to bridge that gap by enriching our student experiences, developing and retaining faculty, and responding to the needs of our school community. 

Gifts to the Friends Knight Fund underwrite scholarships, awards, book stipends, and emergency support to help our alumni succeed in college and in careers. With your help, the Friends aims to award more than $400,000 in tuition assistance and persistence to our alumni by 2025.  

Friends of Foundation Academies Annual Report 2020-21

Annual Report 2019-20

2020-21 Friends of Foundation Academies
Board of Directors

The Friends of Foundation Academies is led by a Board of Directors whose role is to ensure thoughtful investment, planning, stewardship and accountability to donors and the community. The Friends Board collaborates with the leadership of Foundation Academies to identify the most pressing needs of the school community and then solicits, accepts, and approves charitable donations.

Howie Powers, Chair

Reid McCarthy, Treasurer

Anthony Klockenbrink, Secretary

Joanna Herrera

Betsy Rendall

Kathleen Reilly Streicher*

Graig Weiss*

*Designates ex officio member

2019-20 Friends of Foundation Academies
Leadership Council

The Friends of Foundation Academies Leadership Council involves our broader community in the important work of the schools. The Council meets quarterly to receive updates on our schools, collaborate on advancement initiatives, and champion our innovative work in K-12 public education. 

Ashwin Chaudhari

Melanie Clarke

Mark Eveland

Suzanne Eveland

Al-Lateef Farmer

Stuart “Bill” Ferguson

Mindy Fernandez-Sheinbaum

Tanji Gilliam, PhD, MFA

Sally Henriques

Dr. Maurice Hall

Joanna Herrera

Sharon Ann Holt

John Jackson

Rashaun Jones

Bob Kiep

Peggy Oliver Krist

Chenoah Porter-Blount

Sarah Ringer

Carl Seiden

Sandra Touissant

Lori Todaro

Melissa von Stade

Dennis Walsingham

Alexander Zbinden

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