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Careers - classroom teacher with students

Teachers who want to make a difference in children’s lives and be part of a fun, focused learning community belong at Foundation Academies. 

Parents are grateful for our teachers – and aren’t afraid to say so! During Teacher Appreciation Week, our faculty received personal thank-you messages, such as:

“Thank you for coming in and working so hard for our kids.”

“Thank you for the outstanding, remarkable, over-the-top effort you give to my son. We are grateful to have you in our lives!”

“Changing lives one class at a time! BEST TEACHER EVER!”

“What you do matters more than you know. We all appreciate knowing our child i is safe in your hands on a daily basis. You are teaching her what she needs to be a well-rounded, caring, and successful in life. These early years are so important. We appreciate you.”

“Thank you Coach for all you do! Your dedication and hard work don’t go unnoticed. You are appreciated!!! You truly care about our scholars and are making a huge impact with the work you do every day!”

“Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and male role model. Michael looks up to you!”

“Keep being great and shining bright.”

But parents aren’t the only ones who appreciate our faculty. Our incoming CEO is a Trenton native, a former teacher and Chief Academic Officer, and a mom who values the hard work of teaching. Listen to Sheria McRae’s faculty message.  

If you like what she has to say, check out our Job Openings and apply today. You don’t want to miss orientation!

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