‘I Know I Can… Be What I Wanna Be’

iReady parade

Families, teachers and staff are crowding into Foundation Academies gymnasium.

They line the walls and cheer; they take photos and shake pom-poms. They clap and whistle.

A championship game?

Nope – a parade celebrating academic growth.

Greeted at the door by FA Chief Academic Officer Sheria McRae and Primary School Principal Natasia Cooper, students in Kindergarten through Second Grade donned crowns and marched to lyrics by Nas:

“I know I can
Be what I wanna be
If I work hard at it
I’ll be where I wanna be…”

Foundation Academies uses regular academic assessments to gauge student progress and identify strengths and opportunities for growth. The assessments help faculty determine how best to support each child.

Recent results showed 68% of Primary School students on-track to meet their individual yearly growth goal. 

“We love our students and every day we encourage them to have fun and work hard,” said Principal Cooper. “The parade was a great opportunity for families, teachers and school leaders to celebrate and show how proud we are of our young scholars.”

After posing for photos, getting a high-five from the FA mascot and dancing with their teachers, students marched back to their classrooms through hallways echoing with young voices declaring  “I know I can!”

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Parade Photo Gallery

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