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Throughout college, there are several crucial moments that can put a student at risk of leaving school. The purpose of the Friends of Foundation Academy Knight Fund is to assist FAC alumni, currently enrolled in college or post-secondary institutions, in managing financial hardships that can hinder students from entering or persisting through their post-secondary schooling and careers.

Through donations to the Friends of Foundation Academy, Inc, the Knight Fund provides awards, persistence grants, and scholarships to deserving alumni.


The Friends of Foundation Academy Knight Fund distributes one-time awards to select seniors and alumni in recognition of their strengths and accomplishments. The majority of these application-based awards are announced at HS graduation and Senior Signing Day.

Persistence Grants

The Friends of Foundation Academy Knight Fund awards grants to individual students and alumni to cover critical costs to successfully transition to their first day of college and help support them through college. As part of this effort, Knight Fund pledges up to $1,000 in persistence grants to each and every graduate of Foundation Academy Collegiate enrolled in post-secondary studies within four years of graduation.


The Friends of Foundation Academy Knight Fund also awards long-term scholarships to provide foundational support for a cohort of remarkable people. Beginning in 2021, FOFA is launching The Round Table Scholarship. Each year, four graduating seniors pursuing undergraduate degrees will earn Round Table scholarships of $10,000 each ($2,500/year), with the expectation funds will be used within 4 years of high school graduation. 

Round Table Scholarship: Now Accepting Applications

  • Application Deadline: April 3, 2021

If you have any additional questions regarding the application process or your specific application, contact

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