FA Leaders Discuss Justice & Equity in Education

Foundation Academies CEO Sheria McRae and Board President Kimme Carlos will discuss why equity in education is a social justice issue and how quality education dismantles oppression during a community forum at 11 a.m. Sunday, April 30, 2023 hosted by Trinity Episcopal Church-Solebury.

The forum, “Justice and Equity in Education” continues Trinity Church’s exploration of social justice issues and will follow a guest sermon by Ms. Carlos, an ordination aspirant at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Trenton, NJ. The daughter of civil rights and Olympic champion John Carlos, she is an advocate for mental health and social justice, and president of the Foundation Academies Board of Trustees.

The title of her sermon is Justice and Equity is Kingdom Come: Matthew 6:9-13.

“As a Christian, and an advocate for education equity, I take seriously the words, ‘Thy kingdom come’,” Ms. Carlos said. “It is the responsibility of each of us to build a better world where systemic equity and justice reign for all. Only then will we fulfill the words of this prayer that we all hold so dear….

“Let us be committed to doing the work in big and small ways,” she noted. “That is God’s kingdom come.” 

Conversation will focus on the role urban education plays in creating opportunity for children and families – both the potential and the reality — and how Foundation Academies, a K-12 free public charter school in Trenton, NJ, is dismantling injustice through education.  

Too often, society underestimates the talent, ambition, and purpose of Black and Brown students. Foundation Academies sees our children and their value. We recognize their power, we validate their dreams and we empower them to be who they were created to become.

A panel, including Mrs. McRae, Ms Carlos, and Trinity Solebury member and FA Board Member Jacqueline Griffith, will discuss how FA partners with families to equip each student to excel and empowers them to find, and fulfill, their purpose — and how others can join that important work.

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