Making History: Jeanelle Escobar ’19

Women’s History isn’t just a month and it isn’t just in textbooks. During #WomensHistoryMonth, we are highlighting FA Alumni making history by leading purpose-filled lives and inspiring others. #WeAreFA 

Jeanelle Escobar, FA Class of 2019

As a student at Foundation Academies…it was difficult for me to see the purpose of all the extra work and the excessive discipline. However, …the discipline I was taught as a student has followed me into my personal and professional life.

Current: Stockton University senior, intern at The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey and translator for FA

Next: Graduate School to become a social worker

“I always knew that my true passion was helping others, specifically people of color. After working closely with a social worker and working with different people at my internship, I came to realize what better career than Social Work to truly help those in need.”

My Why

“My purpose for what I do is to create a space of inclusivity. Going to a predominantly white institution has shown me the importance of having Latino representation in positions of leadership and higher education. I want to break those generational and racial barriers and change the narrative. Growing up in a low income community where many like myself lacked resources has taught me that the system was created to keep people of color and women from attaining a degree and positions of leadership. My motivation however, stems from my parents and Latino parents whose first language is not English. Working as a Translator at FCA has truly made me appreciate the work I do because I get to create that safe space.”


“It is completely understandable for a person of color to feel as if they do not belong, or for them to feel like they are not qualified enough… because of the system we all grew up in. Abandon that imposter syndrome and apply for all opportunities that will help you grow as a person and help you grow in a professional setting.”

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