Primary School Field Day Highlights Teamwork, Fitness

Step One: Form a circle and clasp hands.

Step Two: One person step into a hula hoop

Step Three: WITHOUT letting go of your neighbor’s hand, pass the hoop around the circle

Step Four: Learn the true meaning of teamwork

The hula hoop relay was just one of the fun learning experiences offered during Primary School Field Day. At FA, our youngest students learn that with great efforts come great rewards. We emphasize with our scholars and families that when you work hard, you play hard!

Physical Education Teacher EJ Nemeth organized the activities. 

“We emphasize the importance of physical activity with our scholars,” he said. “Through physical activity we find joy, practice communication skills, work on being good teammates, and inspire each other to lead healthy lifestyles. Children want to move and we make sure we provide them the opportunities.”

Teams of students worked together to run relays – such as balancing a wooden egg on a spoon while racing down a hallway – and toss the most foam balls into buckets. The words “ready, set, go!” unleashed squeals and cheers, chants and clapping – and that was just the teachers!  

Instead of FA uniforms, students wore blue, red, green and yellow. They moved through a series of fun activities including dance, coloring, bowling, jump ropes, scooters, and ball tosses.

Encouraging active play is key for children in kindergarten through second grade, when exercise can help young bodies grow strong. Having fun running and jumping, developing coordination and learning to play as a team teaches lifelong skills and can help prevent childhood obesity leading to health problems. 

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