Primary Students Drop Everything and Read

On October 29, nine enthusiastic volunteers read virtually to our Primary School students as part of Drop Everything and Read, a national initiative that encourages young readers to build literacy skills and develop a love of reading.

The theme for this event was Story Book Character Day. So, whether it was the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Corduroy, or Thing 1 & Thing 2, we encouraged our virtual visitors to dress up as their favorite book characters for the morning.

Tracy M. Thompson, Insurance Fraud Prosecutor for NJ, read Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman. Our students enjoyed the story and appreciated the book’s two central messages – that actions mean more than appearances, and that there is a diverse range of really great princes and princesses hailing from many cultures. To make the virtual experience more real for our students, Prosecutor Thompson donated crowns for the boys and girls in the class. 

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the program,” said Prosecutor Thompson. “I hope that in me, the children see yet another option for what they can be when they grow up.  I’m looking forward to meeting them in person next year!”

“This year our Primary School’s focus is on literacy,” said Instructional Dean Brittany Greco. “We incorporate intentional learning experiences, such as DEAR to focus on the importance of reading. DEAR helps our students see how fun and rewarding reading can be. It also shows that we fully support the idea of dropping everything to pick up a  good book. We are excited to continue involving our community in our literacy initiatives this year!”

If you would like to volunteer at Foundation Academies, click the button below to get started. Our scholars look forward to meeting you!

Tracy M Thompson, Insurance Fraud Prosecutor for NJ, read Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman.
Second-grader Dalesha Keith celebrated her inner queen.
Second-grader Jonathan Hodges celebrated his inner king.

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