School Results

Prioritizing the Needs of Our Students First, Always


Foundation Academies ranks as the

best school

in the city of Trenton, and we’re in the 92nd percentile in the State of New Jersey.


Foundation Academies serves over 1,000 students. We're working to make the

biggest Impact



Every single Foundation Academy Collegiate graduate has

earned admission

to a four-year college - eight years running!

FA Collegiate NHS 2021

We’ve had 10 consecutive years of

perfect audits

thanks to fiscal discipline, sustainable growth planning, and long-term vision. We’re here to make a long-term impact on the community.


We enjoy a 95% re-enrollment rate thanks to our


culture. Our students are happy, engaged, and challenged, and our parents are thrilled and fulfilled.

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The future is bright as we prepare to

Responsibly Grow

and serve as many of Trenton's children as we can!

 Academic Results

Our Results Demonstrate That We Make a Difference In the Academic Careers of Our Students

At Foundation Academies, we have a tradition of high academic achievement. We rank in the 92nd percentile in the State of New Jersey for all public (traditional district and charter) schools.

Our four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate is 93.2% - three points above the New Jersey statewide average and 30 points above Trenton Public Schools.

What About the Commonly-Asked Question: “What if a Student Doesn't Want to Attend a Traditional 4-Year College?

We believe that our students deserve to take their rightful place at college campuses nationwide.

  • It is our role and responsibility to support and assist our alumni in overcoming structural barriers that threaten their path to opportunity. 

Our ultimate goal and measure of success K-12 is to ensure that all our students are prepared with the knowledge and skills to obtain their college degrees.

  • To support our alumni as they take their seats at the table and become the leaders that will make a positive impact in our community and world, we must continue to provide resources that help them navigate and rise above systemic inequities that exist in our society. 

We believe that a quality education provides access to opportunity.

  • As educators, we believe that it is our responsibility to prepare all of our students for the nation’s finest colleges so that we may ensure that our students are able to make “best match” decisions when they graduate from Foundation Academies.

While we know that not every alum will choose to pursue post-secondary education, that decision is one to be made by the STUDENT (together with their family), not us. College acceptance provides access to that opportunity.

Operational Reports

Re-Enrollment Rate 2020-21

  • Foundation Academies - Overall

  • FA Primary (Grades K-2)

  • FA Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

  • FA Middle (Grades 6-8)

  • FA Collegiate (Grades 9-12)



Just about half of the 5% of families who did not re-enroll cited the reason as they were moving away from the City of Trenton, Mercer County, or the State of New Jersey. 


Financial Performance

Foundation Academies delivers significantly better academic results for $7M less in taxpayer dollars.


Parent Satisfaction Rates 2020-21

  • FA: Overall

  • FA Primary

  • FA Intermediate

  • FA Middle

  • FA Collegiate


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