Senior Cheers On and Off the Field

Diamond Morton
Diamond Morton

FA Collegiate senior Diamond Morton discovered cheer as a ninth-grader and today is a varsity cheerleader for Trenton Central High School.

A member of National Honor Society and honor roll student, Diamond works part-time and cares for her younger brother. 

“I cheer because it’s fun,” Diamond says. “It helps me release stress and feels like a friendly, supportive place for me!”

Looking ahead, Diamond is applying to college and planning to be a kindergarten teacher. “I want to give younger children a better understanding about their lives, and help them learn to enjoy life as they grow!”

FA Athletic Director Chris Torino appreciates how Diamond brings her energy and spirit to the playing field and the classroom.

“Diamond is always there to cheer on her teammates and classmates,” he said. “She takes time to reflect on life and has an amazing empathy, which I know will lead her to succeed as an early child educator.” 

At FA, high school sports include soccer (men’s and women’s), women’s volleyball, men’s basketball and cheerleading. Middle School sports include coed soccer, boys basketball (girls may try out and play), wrestling, intramural volleyball and cheerleading.

If our scholars want to pursue a sport beyond FA, they have the opportunity to join a Trenton Central High School team.

Diamond Morton
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