‘Spook Your Fears Away’ Event Supports Collegiate Scholars

MIND Spook Your Fears Away

M.I.N.D is hosting our school-wide October event, Spook Your Fears Away; focused on acknowledging our fears in order to empower us to face them.

On October 24th and 25th, M.I.N.D representatives will be at lunch providing students with cut-out ghosts to share their fear along with one way they hope to conquer it. These ghosts will be featured on our Fear Wall located at the M.I.N.D bullet-in-board in the cafeteria.

It is fun to be scared during Halloween, but it's not so fun to be scared of our emotions. - M.I.N.D. (Toni, Jedidah, Margarita, Noemi)

MIND was established in SY 20-21 by 4 foundation students with the mission to destigmatize and raise awareness about Mental Health, by providing resources and events for teens to support themselves and others. MIND stands for Mental Illness Needs to be Destigmatized. Our previous founders and leaders, Nomy Yanes-Castro, Nina Brown, Tracy Barrientos, and Fabienne Traversiere provided virtual mental workshops, mental health first aid training to youth, and won the 2021 Youth Leadership for Service-Learning Award from the National Youth Leadership Council.

Our new leaders who took over for these graduates are Ashley Ortiz Morales, Jedidah Worrell, Noemi Samayoa, and Margarita Tax-Martinez. They are recruiting additional delegates to actualize their continued mission. They develop monthly events (in-school and community based) to educate and normalize talking about mental health. They have a service learning focus so they also partner with community agencies to provide opportunities for other students to earn their required hours.

MIND Spook Your Fears Away

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