Take Action: Students Should Not Be Kept from High Performing Schools

Foundation Family, 

Recently, the NJDOE announced decisions on charter schools that will displace hundreds of families from the schools that they love. These schools are high-performing and serving students well which makes the decisions even more difficult to understand.

As a parent here at Foundation Academies and a member of the charter school community, I am emailing you to take action on behalf of hundreds of families that will lose their schools next year if decisions are not reversed. 

Take action: send an email

Please click to send a pre-populated email to the Commissioner and the Governor asking them to reconsider and reverse their decisions to ensure that students can stay in the schools where they are excelling academically and the communities that they’ve been a part of, and thriving in, for years.

As the Governor noted, we should support all schools that are top-performing regardless of school type. No child should be shut out of a school they love. Support our children by taking action now.  To learn more and stay updated, please visit www.letmychildlearn.org

Finally, I would love to work side by side with you in ensuring that all of our students and students across the state of New Jersey receive a quality education, which is their right. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Ambassador alongside me, please click here to complete a quick form so that I can connect with you. You can also email me at Clittles2000@yahoo.com.

We are in this together,
Charlottee Tullo
FA Parent Ambassador

Foundation Academies Support Staff