U.S. Naval Academy Visit Inspires Young Scientists

US Naval Academy representatives John Brand and Jarius Warren demonstrate how helicopters stay in the air

One June 15, 2021, three seventh-grade science classes ended the school year strong with a visit from the United States Naval Academy!

Naval Academy students John Brand and Jarius Warren led the class through three engineering activities, including creating straw rockets and making “Whirligigs” to simulate how helicopters operate. Along the way, the class explored science concepts like Bernoulli’s Principle, gravity, and air resistance, eagerly asking questions about rocket design and aviation.

“The Midshipmen provided a wonderful experience for our students.” says Brian Kelley, middle school science teacher. “The lesson allowed students to critically assess and adapt their creations for flight while increasing their scientific literacy.”

7th grade students were able to create their own aircrafts out of household items

Foundation Academies is committed to exposing our scholars to a range of career possibilities and creating opportunities for them to explore new interests in STEM. We hope to continue our partnership with the United States Naval Academy next school year and beyond.

Huge thank you to the USNA volunteers and to Friends of Foundation Academy board member Reid McCarthy for connecting our students to this amazing opportunity!

Students in the classroom and at home testing their aircraft creations at different heights
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